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Measurement, tools and materials

The best equipment and tools for the construction and maintenance of vertical gardens.

Irrigation system for vertical garden

In Paisajismo Urbano we design and manufacture irrigation systems tailored to each vertical garden.
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Shovel Garden Scoop

The recycled nylon shovel Garden Scoop ideal for handling compost, manure and sand.
2.58 €

Calibration solutions for pH and EC

These solutions allow to calibrate the pH and EC meter before use.
11.48 €

Straight Bud Clean scissors

These scissors are ideal for light pruning work or cutting cuttings.
15.40 €

Curved Bud Clean scissors

These scissors are ideal for light pruning work or cutting cuttings.
15.40 €

Kit cleaning and calibration kit of pH and EC

This kit contains all the necessary elements to clean and calibrate your pH and conductivity meters.
23.00 €

VDL Lux Meter

With the lux meter VDL light levels can be measured with great precision and simplicity.
49.40 €

Multiparameter probe for pH and EC

This probe allows to obtain measurement of various parameters without having to change it.
177.48 €

Dosing pump for vertical garden

These dosing pumps are the same as Paisajismo Urbano uses on its vertical gardening works.
223.98 €

pHmeter and conductivity meter kit

This kit allows to precisely control the pH and conductivity of the fertilizer solutions.
236.49 €

Domestic reverse osmosis

This equipment is perfect for domestic production of water with low salt content, free of viruses and chemical contaminants.
271.07 €

Professional meter of pH and EC for vertical gardens

This portable professional meter allows a precise control of pH and EC.
315.18 €

Fitogenerant polifelt PURB-700

The fitogenerant polifelt PURB-700 is perfect for performing hydroponic vertical gardens.
400.00 €

Dechlorinator PU-623

Automatic dechlorinator that eliminates free chlorine and organic pollutants, in addition to deodorize and decolorize the water.
613.70 €

Industrial reverse osmosis

This equipment of direct production of water is ideal for domestic, commercial or collective applications.
861.05 €