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After many years of research in lighting technology we want to share with everyone the best options to ensure the best plant growth.

The luminaires we offer below are the same as Paisajismo Urbano uses on its vertical gardening projects.

PURB Embed Sunlight

The embed focus PURB Embed Sunlight is designed to offer all the lighting needed a small vertical garden.
82.13 €

PURB Embed Sunlight Circle

The embed focus PURB Embed Sunlight Circle is perfect to provide the necessary lighting for a vertical garden of small dimensions.
88.45 €

PURB Sunlight S

The focus PURB Sunlight S provides the best lighting for the optimum development of small vertical gardens.
88.45 €

PURB Sunlight M

PURB Sunlight M luminaire provides the right lighting for the growth and development of a medium vertical garden.
101.10 €

PURB Sunlight L

The vertical garden lighting PURB Sunlight L provides the right light for growing green walls.
157.99 €

PURB Sunlight XS

The focus PURB Sunlight XS is perfect for providing the lighting levels required for the proper development of a vertical garden of small dimensions.
159.26 €

PURB Sunlight XL

The focus PURB Sunlight XL is perfect for illuminating large vertical gardens.
214.90 €

PURB Sunlight Extreme

PURB Sunlight Extreme lighting is perfect for vertical gardening projects of large dimensions.
303.42 €