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Ignacio Solano : Paisajismo Urbano Founder

Paisajismo Urbano is a company founded by Ignacio Solano, expert on biological interactions and the creation of natural ecosystems.

Ignacio has a Degree in Biology and has travelled to recondite places, as well as to rainforests of diferent countries and continents, such as Mexico, Brazil, Sumarta, Africa, Madagascar, to analyze, observe, understand and measure the behavior of the natural ecosystems in their own habitat.


Ignacio Solano Paisajismo Urbano


Thanks to the years dedicated to the study and the research at each of the previously quoted places, Ignacio is conscious that he can develop and imitate those ecosystems in other places, such as the cities and places away from the nature. Because of that, he decides to create the company Paisajismo Urbano, to take to any part of the planet (specially the urban areas) the nature and the ecosystems that exist on it, through the creation of vertical gardens and green walls in the facades of buildings and wall of the cities, to give the populated areas with no vegetation the oportunity to enjoy the nature.


From the vertical garden to the Vertical Ecosystem

Vertical gardens already existed for many years, but they were very difficult to create anywhere since they had deficiencies for maintenance and survival in adverse conditions.

Ignacio analyzed and studied this problem and in order to solve this, created and developed the system of vertical ecosystem that ensures the survival of each vertical garden, thanks to the symbiosis between gardening and biology. With his patented formula, he creates daily real nature wonders in places as walls or facades.

In addition, he transfers his great knowledge in this subject through the courses carried out in different cities and countries.