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Greenhouses and Urban Gardens

Grow your own herbs and vegetables on your terrace or balcony with our solutions for urban gardens. Living in the city is no longer incompatible with having your own field.


Run your own greenhouse on a small scale with this propagator.
9.86 € 13.10 €

Root Riot Tray of 24 alveoli

Root Riot is a hotbed of organic matter without peat, perfect for the germination of seeds or cuttings.
10.80 € 11.50 €

RoofNature, gardening modular system

Roof Nature® is the new system that allows to transform any horizontal surface into a garden without works.
18.00 € 25.00 €

Root Riot, spare of 100 units

Organic hotbed without peat for the propagation of seeds or cuttings.
28.80 € 32.55 €

Kit of mycological studies

This kit is specially designed for the propagation and study of mushrooms and fungi.
78.47 € 85.60 €

HGA heated propagator

Grow your plants and cuttings with greater speed and safety at the Heated Propagator HGA
89.25 € 95.50 €