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Fertilizers and Compounds

Find here the best fertilizers and compounds to maintain health and vitality of your plants.

* Fertilizers and compounds are not shipped outside Spain.

Enzimas +

Help the develpment of the plants decomposing the salts and dead roots with Enzimas +.
6.86 €

Alga C

Stimulates plant growth by providing them all the necessary nutrients with Alga C.
7.16 €

B'cuzz Root Stimulator

The root stimulator B'Cuzz is a 100% vegetable compound that proportions to the roots of plants the nutrients and protection they need for a healthy and vital root system.
8.26 €


Increase the health of your plants with Algamic, a natural compound derived from seaweed.
8.56 €

PH less growth

Control the PH of the fertilizer for your growing plants with Hesi PH less growth.
9.50 €

PH Plus

Control the PH level of your fertilizer Hesi PH Plus.
9.95 €

Root Stimulator

Stimulate the root system of your plants with the combination of natural extracts of Root Stimulator.
10.03 €


Instagreen returns the green your plants with almost immediate results.
10.32 €


Power Zyme helps to maintain a healthy root system transforming wastes into sugars and other beneficial components for plants.
10.80 €


Renew the root system of your plants. Atazyme breaks down old roots, turning them into sugars for flowering your plants, as well as encourage the creation of new roots.
12.50 €

Hesi Root Complex

More than a fertilizer, it is an elixir for cuttings, young plants and plants under stress.
16.50 €

Biodefense 1+2

Protect your plants from fungi, larvae and insect contact with the biological treatment Biodefense 1+2.
19.38 €


Stimulate the root system and the plant growth with Startbooster.
19.44 €