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Green Walls: Products and accesories for vertical gardening

In Paisajismo Urbano we are pioneers in the construction of vertical gardens and green walls all around the world.

Now we put at your disposal a wide selection of products for the optimum developement of your vertical gardening projects, so you can reach the perfect balance on your vertical ecosystem with a sustainable maintenance.

The techniques for cultivate and create green walls are constantly evolving, maximizing the exploitation of the space. These projects are developing a new concept of urban gardening, whose goal is bringing the nature to walls with natural plants.


Definitive Guide of the Vertical Garden (Spanish Edition)

Learn everything you need to know about how to build vertical gardens with the «Definitive Guide of the Vertical Garden», by Ignacio Solano. For the English edition read the description below.
30.00 €

Fertilizer for vertical gardens

The fertilizer PURB-221 is a specific compound for the proper development of vertical gardens and green walls.
8.00 €
New products

Curso Profesional de Jardines Verticales Colombia

Curso Profesional de Jardines Verticales en Colombia para Daniel Cadena Del 9 al 13 de julio en Bogotá
1600.00 €

Sistema de riego EasyGarden

Asegura el funcionamiento de tu jardín vertical EasyGarden con este sistema de riego diseñado para él.
38.60 €

Micorrizas Myco-Garden

Fortalece el sistema radicular de tu jardín vertical con las Micorrizas Myco-Garden de Paisajismo Urbano
80.00 €

Modular vertical garden EasyGarden

The easiest way to create vertical gardens!
60.00 €

NaturPots irrigation system

Make sure your NaturPots is properly irrigated with this system designed specifically for it!
46.41 €
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